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Underground Automated Parking

17 Nov

This Undergound parking idea amazed me when I saw it and used it next to the Duomo in Milan. The way it works is you park your car on a platform that fits one car perfectly, then you get out and lock the car. The platform takes the car underground as you can see in the picture and parks it underground. A perfect and a great solution to those people who take 3 parking spots for their car… 😀

PS: 3eedkom Embarak 😀

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The Cyborg R.A.T.9

5 May

Now i really do love anything that travels fast and makes my heart pound, Cyborg created a machine that not only looks fierce, but has a cool name to it too! This mouse not only looks futuristic but it has that “i look like i can go fast” design and i really like it, although i woudnt spend that much on a mouse or it will work for those who invest lots of their time in front of a computer this mouse will do the trick 😛

Ill let the video do the talking:

Forums: Really Useful

1 May

Have you ever wanted help with something material that no one knows how to help you with? Well forums have been introduced since way back when and ever since i knew how to use them, i have never looked back. A forum is a whole website dedicated to helping someone find how to make the item or something he or she owns better or just look amazing by creating topics on the website like “I got a problem with my car engine, please help”, So people read that topic and reply with whatever they can help with, and everyone comes out happy. For example take car forums. Lets say a group of 100 or 200 people have the same car all around the world. Each person has his own unique way of making his car look different in some way. Either by painting the rims or adding an accessory etc. Now if everyone used forums here in Kuwait it would help make things much more simpler and less complicated with everything, whether its car forums, computer forums, or maybe mobile forums :D.

More info from Wikipedia.

My Thoughts on The iPad

14 Apr

Well ever since the iPad came to Kuwait and everyone has been getting their hands on it an idea always comes to my mind, do i need this device? Well the answer depends on one’s lifestyle. If you own a computer or a laptop either for work or studying and you like to browse the internet and chat then the iPad wont fit your lifestyle. However if you like to read on the go or while sipping some coffee near a fountain while entertaining yourself with a few games from the iPad then yes you will find the iPad has a use.

My conclusion is this, i got a laptop for browsing and working or posting on the go, i can read books with it too so the iPad is a luxury and not a necessity for me, you can live without one 😀