The Game and San Siro

23 Nov

So a friend and i went to the AC Milan Vs Inter Milan Derby final at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. I took a couple of pictures that im going to share, some of the game and some of the Stadium tour.

This picture was taken when we were walking upstairs to our chairs, it took us five minutes of non-stop walking to reach the top. While walking some people were just staring at the crowd that is yet to enter the stadium.

This was the sight. Keep in mind there were 14 gates, this was just one of them. The sheer number of the people that were attending this game is just amazing. A full crowd of roughly 80,000 were inside the Stadium at the time of the match.

Above is a shot of the AC Milan Fans

Another shot of them going crazy. This was a magnificent view, i was amazed at the organization that this act required. It looked like a human mosaic from where we were sitting.

A shot of the Inter Milan crowd. It wasn’t as creative, i liked AC Milans more :D.

Lastly here are some random shots of the San Siro Tour.

Above are the best seats according to the guide 😀

The above two shots are of the VIP Lounge area where the players and some very important people chill out during or after the game.

The overall experience was phenomenal! Yet its still not my cup of tea haha :D, and once again congratulations for AC Milan fans and good luck in all your next games!


One Response to “The Game and San Siro”

  1. sarahechelon November 23, 2010 at 9:18 PM #


    You guys I hate youuuuu, lucky luckyyyy! *faint* this is much much better than heaven I guess 😀 *sigh*

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