Techno Sessions

26 May

One of my weekly routines is to download the latest Trance sessions that are out there. What is a “Session”? Well its a long track that may go up to 2 hours in length that includes the latest updates in Trance/House/Dance that legendary Dj’s put together. The ones that i am really fond of are Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” which now has 455 Episodes and Tiesto’s Club Life which reached Episode 164. You can download them easily if you know where to look 😛

These two sessions are totally different in terms of the songs and what type of songs they put. Armin Van Buuren or lets call him “AVB” 😀 is more concentrated on Trance hence the name and i really like his sessions for those 15 minute drives around town, since every beat calms and helps me drive with empathy on my mind. Tiesto however is sometimes for the days when i am hyper and want those songs that really just want to make you dance to the beat and let all the stress out after an exam or a really tiring day :D.

Heres more links for more info on both:

Armin Van Buuren – A State of Trance

Tiesto – Club Life

Enjoy 😀


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