ASI Lexus LX570

8 May

This Land Cruiser was built for an obvious purpose, to make a Truck with the soul of an off-roader with 600 horsepower, but wait where did the “Off-Road” part go? Now in our region some people take this car for its invincibility with the roads and how Kuwait treats its cars, but some really “insist” on making this car look ugly by installing “baloon” tires and 3 Meter radio antennas at the back. Well if those people want to do it right then please contact ASI lol! They mod the Land Cruiser but hey, if you want to do it do it right!

In the end i see no market at all for this supercharger and body kit from ASI, but who knows, those who “insist” may 😛

Heres proof of this cars 0-100 Km/Hr in under 5 seconds.


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  1. Pisces Chick May 20, 2010 at 1:53 PM #


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