Google Reader

19 Apr

When we type in every single website we want to visit in a new window it often gets messy and unorganized. Now since the times are changing with every blink of an eye we want more information faster and to get that information more efficiently. Since i first started using Google Reader i thought it was a bit useless at first, but then it becomes to simple that the only webpage i visit is Google Readers. Every blog or website that updates its information or posts something new its considered as an “unread item” and as you scroll down with the mouse, or with two fingers if you have a Macbook, you read that item or post and it is now considered a “read item”. So for example if i get out of the house in the morning and i dont have time to sit down till the sunsets then when i go home i open the reader to find “200 unread items” all stacked together for me ready to be read. This program really simplifies web browsing and the only thing you have to do is add subscriptions or websites for the reader to track.

If you want to update yourself with information quickly i highly recommend this tool, makes my day a whole lot easier when i can sip my coffee in one hand and scroll with the other instead of typing each website i want to visit.

Here is a video:

Hope this helps! 😀


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