A Healthy Lifestyle

16 Apr

Its really hard to be Healthy and Fit in Kuwait, especially if your type of lifestyle is being constantly on the move  you wont have time to eat at home. There are many solutions out there but frankly sometimes you just want to eat what you want to eat.  A good way to start is by taking baby steps for example if you eat junk food then just take the sandwich or the fries without the carbonated drink, and just go for any type of juice. Some say that carbonated drinks are addictive but like i said these are “baby steps” so if you cant stop in 1 week then maybe it will take 2 weeks but its a start. For me i eat anything that comes to mind but as long as i exercise once per 3 days or 3 times a week and i don’t eat before i sleep or until i become full. You can look at it this way, “Eat to Live and don’t Live to Eat” a saying from a movie a while back. If you slowly take these steps and in time your tummy will shrink and thus you will eat less and that is the first step to having a Healthier Lifestyle 😀


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