My Thoughts on The iPad

14 Apr

Well ever since the iPad came to Kuwait and everyone has been getting their hands on it an idea always comes to my mind, do i need this device? Well the answer depends on one’s lifestyle. If you own a computer or a laptop either for work or studying and you like to browse the internet and chat then the iPad wont fit your lifestyle. However if you like to read on the go or while sipping some coffee near a fountain while entertaining yourself with a few games from the iPad then yes you will find the iPad has a use.

My conclusion is this, i got a laptop for browsing and working or posting on the go, i can read books with it too so the iPad is a luxury and not a necessity for me, you can live without one 😀


One Response to “My Thoughts on The iPad”

  1. how much should i weigh May 1, 2010 at 10:15 PM #

    shoot amazing story man.

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