A Luxurious Flight: The A380

2 Apr

You know when people reach the next “Step” in Technology it often takes a long time. Well the folks at Airbus created an airplane that can fit up to 853 people! Thats one step ahead in technology and one giant leap for travelling comfort!. As you can see in the picture above the flight consists of 2 decks, the upper and the lower. The upper consists of the First class and business class seating areas and the lower consists of the Economy class seats :D.

The First Class:-

Imagine flying for 8 hours in that cabin instead of a tight economy class flight where your body aches because of the lack of space to move around, now thats what i call comfort 😀

The Business Class:

I wouldn’t mind sitting here either!

The Economy Class:

Now this Economy Class is like a normal flights Business class, lots of leg room and a screen for viewing pleasure, fulfilling peoples “Needs” instead of “Wants”, a topic i will discuss later 😀

I really recommend you try hopping on this amazing flight as i know some who have tried and they did not regret it!, i know i will someday 😛


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