To Think or Not to Think? My 2 Cents

31 Mar

To Think or Not to Think? That is the question. I often find myself thinking in my free time or when i really want to escape from it all. Lets go over what thinking means shall we :-

According to the Wiktionary, Thinking has several meanings but all  usually mean the same thing:

1)  To ponder, to go over in ones head.

2) Communicate to oneself in ones mind.

3) To conceive of something or someone.

4) Be of the opinion that.

5) Guess, reckon, consider, judge, regard something as.

Its good to wake up inside, not physically, to think and to know whats going on around you and not just think about yourself, but to be aware of your surroundings and the thoughts and feelings of others. As the saying goes “Put yourself in their shoes”, as you will see things from another perspective and maybe that will change the way you look and do things.

Just a glimpse of what goes on in my head! 😀


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