Active Autowerke

18 Mar

This video is the 30’th Anniversary of Active Autowerke. Their one of the best tuning companies out there for any BMW. I got goosebumps since i hit the play button from how good it is. Its the effort put in to videos like this that fuel my passion for the Automotive World.

PS: I highly recommend watching it in HD on YouTube.


GulfRun6 Visit

30 Jan

Just came back from a visit to Bahrain International Circuit for the GulfRun 6 Event. They just keep getting better and better every year Mashalla. I took a little bit under one thousand pictures so im going to share only some of them that i liked. I took minimal close up shots because i was focusing on pan photography throughout the two days.

This is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Superleggera. It was there for Taxi rides! Can you imagine a taxi ride in that….

The rest of the taxi rides except that E92 M3 was an actual participant, love that car. That Audi S5 is just screaming “Drive me!”

The SLS AMG. Enough Said…

Some pics of the action above and below.

Those instructors in the Lambo’s sure know how to drift tease on the turns…

That Mini sure has a surprise coming up in  few seconds involving various types of backfires, especially that White GTR’s.

Pit lane above. Below are pictures that i had fun taking 😀

The exhaust note of those Lambos above and below… of the best on the track.

That Ford GT did not have an exhaust note, it had a mixed orchestral high note that frikin bended my mind on each Rev and on the straights i just melted.

Everyones lining up for the Video then its off to the drift event.

All 10 Cylinders and Twin Turbo’s of the RS6 being flogged at the drift track.


I love that car!!!!

The king of the track. The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with full bolt ons. Mashalla it really is “all about the driver”.

His helmet, that of the Punishers. The winner phrased it this way “Veni, Vedi, Vici” He came, he Saw, and he definitely conquered.

Sorry if the pics weren’t high quality, i tried my best. Enjoy 😀

GulfRun6 Car Wash

14 Jan

Hello everyone, been a long time since i posted, but gonna skip the small talk so here goes. I very recently went to a GulfRun Carshow and started taking pics, im still a beginner in photography i must say as taking good photos of people is easier for me than supercars. The pic above is of the Work Wheels of a beautiful Honda NSX-R. Even though my heart is for german engineering i still respect Japanese precision.

Above is a magnificent Mercedes SLR 722-S. I must say this car (or masterpiece) has the best sounding exhaust i have ever heard and will hear in my life. During last years GulfRun i was only waiting for a normal SLR to pass by for the intoxicating sound of that car.

The front end of a Lamborghini LP560-4. Resembles a Jet Fighter ready to cut through the speed of sound.

That car is just daring me. I felt like i was going to be run over while taking that pic, but yet it was standing still with a befitting presence that screams “get the hell out of my way”.

Above are two  pictures that resemble a car that recreated the whole front fascia of modern LED head lights, the Audi R8 V10.

A Porsche 997.2 Turbo with my favorite Porsche wheels. The AutoBahn Stormer, a nickname any Porsche Turbo deserves and willfully keeps its throne at.

Last but not least another Audi R8, but the iconic V8 this time.

Pics taken, shot, and edited by yours truly.

Till next time, hope you enjoyed this post 😀

The Game and San Siro

23 Nov

So a friend and i went to the AC Milan Vs Inter Milan Derby final at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. I took a couple of pictures that im going to share, some of the game and some of the Stadium tour.

This picture was taken when we were walking upstairs to our chairs, it took us five minutes of non-stop walking to reach the top. While walking some people were just staring at the crowd that is yet to enter the stadium.

This was the sight. Keep in mind there were 14 gates, this was just one of them. The sheer number of the people that were attending this game is just amazing. A full crowd of roughly 80,000 were inside the Stadium at the time of the match.

Above is a shot of the AC Milan Fans

Another shot of them going crazy. This was a magnificent view, i was amazed at the organization that this act required. It looked like a human mosaic from where we were sitting.

A shot of the Inter Milan crowd. It wasn’t as creative, i liked AC Milans more :D.

Lastly here are some random shots of the San Siro Tour.

Above are the best seats according to the guide 😀

The above two shots are of the VIP Lounge area where the players and some very important people chill out during or after the game.

The overall experience was phenomenal! Yet its still not my cup of tea haha :D, and once again congratulations for AC Milan fans and good luck in all your next games!

Underground Automated Parking

17 Nov

This Undergound parking idea amazed me when I saw it and used it next to the Duomo in Milan. The way it works is you park your car on a platform that fits one car perfectly, then you get out and lock the car. The platform takes the car underground as you can see in the picture and parks it underground. A perfect and a great solution to those people who take 3 parking spots for their car… 😀

PS: 3eedkom Embarak 😀

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Inter VS AC Milan, Why not? :D

14 Nov

Yeah I’m not a Fan of Football but sitting next to 85,000 fans? Why not lol. Gonna take loads of pictures of Sansiro Stadium later tonight.

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Milano Here I Come

12 Nov

Hey guys, going to hit Milan for a week :D, ill be sure to take some pictures for your entertainment but ill only be there for a week. Oh and sorry for the lack f posts because this is a personal blog you know, dont want posting to be a “daily job” but a “once in a while” kind of thing, suits me best. Have fun everyone 😀 even if your stayin in Kuwait!